Where can Lifelong Learning Lead You?

  • A better workforce
  • A better workplace

Lifelong Learning Accounts (LiLAs) are an employee-owned educational savings account that helps pay for education and training expenses. It's a new employee benefits program where regular contributions by employees are matched by the employer.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

Okay, it's actually five steps, but in no time you and your company will be on your way to discovering where learning will lead you!

  1. Enroll. (Here are the forms)
  2. Save. (Payroll deduction makes it easy)
  3. Explore. (Career advisors are available)
  4. Learn. (LiLA takes the risk out of going back to school)
  5. Grow. (Success in learning breeds success)

For more information, contact Mike Brennan, (360)709-4616

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