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This company develops and operates cutting-edge technology that purifies water from swimming pool systems and provides environmental protection to drinking water systems. It is headquartered in the Seattle area but also has a plant in rural Pacific County along the Willapa waterway, near Raymond. This company recently expanded into the India and China markets and personnel from the rural Raymond facility now routinely travel to Asia. Lifelong learning appeals to both management and employees. Halosource is an active member of the Northwest Manufacturer's Alliance and has about 20 employees at the Raymond plant.
  • Hanner Enterprises -

This company operates five McDonald's restaurants in Grays Harbor and Pacific counties. CEO / owner Julianne Hanner has taken an active role promoting the program. She intends to reach out to other Northwest McDonald franchise owners (about 300 members) as the program moves ahead. Already, she’s raised the idea of LiLA portability between McDonald’s restaurants—so, for example, employees that move from her restaurant in Aberdeen (along Washington's coast) to attend Washington State University (on the eastern side of the state), could take their LiLA with them. Participation is open to her 200-plus workers with a monthly match of up to $30 per worker.

This company manufactures high quality panels from recycled and natural resins used in high-end countertops and other surfaces. This homegrown company provides needed jobs in one of the most economically depressed parts of the state: Aberdeen in Grays Harbor County. A growing company with approximately 60 employees, Paneltech is positioning itself for further expansion. The company is an active member of the Northwest Manufacturer's Alliance and its president is involved in numerous community development projects.

This medical provider has four clinics in two counties and one combination retirement/nursing home. In addition, STECK Medical provides emergency medical services to the community of Chehalis and at two local detention centers. The company has approximately 150 employees.


Buds And Blades Landscape Company, Inc.An independently-owned Thurston County landscaping company

Vaughan logo - Click to return homeA Montesano pump manufacturer, Vaughan has already signed on several employees to Washington’s LiLA program. Jim Vaughan, the founder of Vaughan Company, invented the world's first chopper pump in 1960. The business started in the garage of Jim's gas station in Elma, Washington. Since then, 40 worldwide patents have been issued or are pending. State-of-the-art, 3-dimensional computer solid modeling design allows Vaughan to create exacting fits and precision castings for all components.



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