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Disabled Veterans Outreach Program

Employment Security Department


Contact your local WorkSource center: https://www.worksourcewa.com/microsite/content.aspx?appid=MGSWAOFFLOC&pagetype=simple&seo=officelocator

State Website:https://www.worksourcewa.com/microsite/content.aspx?appid=MGSWAVET&pagetype=simple&seo=landingpage

Participation: About 3,500 veterans were served by the Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program (DVOP) between January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015.

Who is Served: The program serves disabled and other eligible veterans with significant barriers to employment (as defined by the Department of Labor), with priority given to disabled veterans.

Program Description: DVOP specialists are veterans themselves and are uniquely equipped to provide intensive services to veterans with special employment and training needs. Staff target services to “Special Disabled” veterans (veterans with a 30 percent rated disability by the Veterans Administration), disabled veterans, economically or educationally disadvantaged veterans, and veterans with other barriers to employment, especially homeless veterans. As an integral program partner with the state’s workforce development system, DVOPs provide a full range of employment and training services to veterans with barriers to employment.

Other Program Characteristics: DVOP staff are stationed at approved sites in addition to WorkSource offices that may include Veterans’ Affairs Hospitals, the Veterans’ Affairs Regional Office, Joint Base Lewis McChord and other bases. The state’s workforce development plan is to physically integrate services where it makes sense, electronically tie various locations and providers together for seamless services, and provide for extensive self-service options to meet employer and veteran needs. The WorkSource One Stop system presents a broad range of reemployment services not previously accessible or readily available to job-ready veterans who visited job service centers.

Program History: DVOP was initially established by executive order in 1977 and later authorized by the Veteran’s Rehabilitation and Education Amendments of 1980. Although DVOP personnel are state employees, their positions are funded annually by a U.S. Department of Labor grant.

Planning Cycle: Federal fiscal year.

Outcome Measures: Four modified federal common measures apply specifically to the DVOP program:

  • Disabled Veteran and Veteran Entered Employment Rate
  • Disabled Veteran and Veteran Employment Retention Rate
  • Disabled Veteran and Veteran Average Earnings
  • Veteran Intensive Services Rate

In addition, the WorkSource system is responsible as a whole to meet the following negotiated performance measures:

  • Veteran Entered Employment Rate
  • Veteran Employment Retention Rate
  • Veteran Average Earnings
  • Disabled Veteran Entered Employment Rate
  • Disabled Veteran Employment Retention Rate
  • Disabled Veteran Average Earnings

Funding and Regional Division: The Employment Security Department administers veteran activities in coordination with the 12 regional Workforce Development Councils to fulfill requirements for the provision of Priority of Service to Veterans and Eligible Spouses. Funds are allocated to support Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program specialists in designated WorkSource centers, affiliates and other locations convenient to veterans.

State Funding: None.

Federal Funding: $2,505,482 (October 1, 2016-September 30, 2017) Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, U.S. Department of Labor.

Statutory Authority: Federal - Title 38, USC, Chapter 41, Section 4103A, as amended by the Job or Veterans Act of 2002, Public Law 107-288, enacted November 7, 2002. Administered by the Employment Security Department.

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