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Workforce-Related Bills
2012 Session

Below are bills related to workforce development that have passed the Legislature and are before the Governor for her consideration.Links to bills take you to the state legislative website. See also our review of the supplemental budget.

HB 2483:  (Passed Legislature - Partial Governor Veto) The Student Achievement Council is created as the successor agency to the HECB.  The Workforce Board representative was removed from the Council by a Senate floor amendment. - Chapter 229, Laws of 2012 Partial Veto

SB 6141: (Passed Legislature) The Lifelong Learning Program is established at the Workforce Board to allow employees to create Lifelong Learning Accounts (LiLAs). The Workforce Board may partner with financial institutions and nonprofits to develop operating procedures, ensure adequate marketing, and coordinate career counseling services. - Chapter 33, Laws of 2012

HB 2156: (Passed Legislature) The SBCTC is required to facilitate coordination and alignment of aerospace training programs to the maximum extent possible and to establish the Aerospace and Advanced Materials Manufacturing Pipeline Advisory Committee.  The Workforce Board is required to evaluate certain training programs every year and analyze the results of the training system every four years.  The bill also makes the Aerospace Training Student Loan Program available to students enrolled in aerospace industry courses offered by Renton Technical College. - Chapter 50, Laws of 2012

Other Workforce Related bills that passed into law:

HB 2254: Enacting the educational success for youth and alumni of foster care act - Chapter 163, Laws of 2012.

HB 2673: Addressing transportation workforce development. - Chapter 66, Laws of 2012.

SB 5982: Creating the joint center for aerospace technology innovation. - Chapter 242, Laws of 2012.

SB 6121: Requiring the office of student financial assistance to provide a financial aid
counseling curriculum for institutions of higher education. - Chapter 31, Laws of 2012.

SB 6289: Facilitating self-employment training. - Chapter 40, Laws of 2012.

SB 6355: Concerning associate development organizations - Chapter 195, Laws of 2012.

SB 6371: Extending the customized employment training program - Chapter 46, Laws of 2012.

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